Friday, 18 August 2017

Digital Whisper Theme Turtle

In most areas in the Spring turtles come along the roads. In my theme this one is a big nuisance of a Turtle.
He keeps going across. Well my Farmer Jack will teach him a thing  or two.
Then of course the driver and his  passenger    yell out a few words Go, Go.  To get him going.

Oh yes the turtle will go but 20 minutes later he will decide on the other side was better.



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  1. just a couple of weeks ago i rescued a turtle from the road, not a turtle but a tortise, the month before i resced a turtle.. this is really cute

  2. That is so cute. The farmer is shooing the turtle across the road and the turtle looks right sassy looking back at the farmer.

  3. This is a fun one you have created.

  4. me again. Delete this one as just testing.

  5. I've helped a turtle across the road on occasion.

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